What Not To Buy During The Winter

Saving money this winter is easy when you steer clear of these items and wait to buy them later.

Summer Vegetables

When it comes to grocery shopping the best way to save money is by making sure you are buying the fruits and vegetables that are in season. I realize that depending on where you live in the country “in season” produce can vary significantly but when you stick to what is fresh and local you will reap significant benefits. It’s the classic Supply Demand scenario when produce is in season and local then the abundance of supply will lead to lower costs; in addition you will find that your food is better tasting and more nutritious.

Camping Gear

It seems that hanging out in the great outdoors is something that is enjoyed year round and there aren’t any major discounts during the winter season. In fact the best deals and sales on camping gear can be found during the warmer summer months.


Computers and other consumer electronics are back to their full prices now this time of year after all the sales and discounts during the Christmas Season. If you wait a few more months you may find some good deals and discounts on technology because the Japanese fiscal year begins in April and there will be a lot of “end of year” closeouts for the older models. Another great time to buy is in in August in line with the Back To School sales.

Summer Clothes

You might think that buying warm weather clothes in the dead of winter would be a great way to save but it actually isn’t. The best time to save money on summer clothes is during the fall when retailors are looking to clear out the summer inventory. The fashion industry is always a season ahead so in late winter they are rolling out the New Year’s summer fashions.


Along the same lines as camping gear suitcases and other traveling gear are not heavily discounted in the winter. You can find the best savings on suitcases starting in the Spring and hitting a climax in August.  With this in mind if you’re going to take a vacation this summer it would be best to wait until you get closer to your trip to buy your new suitcase.


January and February are probably the worst times to buy a car, contrast that with a few weeks ago in December which is the best time to buy a car. We’ve all been told that buying a car at the end of the month is the best as dealers are looking to make their monthly quotas. Well the annual quota is the big enchilada and is a huge money saving opportunity for any would be car buyers.  The best time starts in the fall and gets better as the season progresses with the maximum savings at the year end sales in December.


Normally by this time of the year much of the country has seen quite a few snowstorms and can expect a few more before the weather warms up and the spring thaw sets in; therefore the demand for snowblowers is at its highest in the winter. Come spring you can probably find some good deals as retailors start looking to clear out any excess inventory.


Many people get excited about White Sales in January and think it’s the best time to buy sheets, towels and other linens but in reality when you compare these special sales to other sales throughout the year they really aren’t any better. So while technically buying linens in winter isn’t really the worst time of the year it isn’t the best time either as many think. So don’t wait and save up to buy in January you can feel safe that you are getting a good deal if you find later in the year.

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