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mint-com-review is the #1 online personal software service. Brought to market by personal finance powerhouse Quicken, it is designed to pull specified content together at the touch of a button – without a lot of manual data entry each time. It combines the features of money management and budgeting software into one powerful application and allows users to categorize transactions for an up-to-the minute peek at their financial health.

Getting Started is Easy!

Once a user has registered for a free account, it’s time to add the accounts they’d like to track. To do this, the user enters the username and password for that account. From then on, when the user signs in to, their balances are automatically updated.

In less than an hour a user can set up their Cash/Checking, Credit Card, Loans, Investment, and Property accounts. Once those are in and updated, the user’s net worth is displayed. And it’s up to the minute. The user then specifies which category each specific type of transaction should track to. remembers for future transactions and all that’s left is to establish a workable budget.

The budgeting is super easy, with charts that show where money is being spent and budgets that display as a line on the screen. Red signals an over budget account and green indicates the user is good to go. The user can also opt to receive email alerts when budgets are exceeded or fees are incurred.

How Does Work? pulls the numbers from the online accounts specified by the user. This means the user doesn’t need to sit down and manually enter all debit and credit transactions! No transactions are enacted through the interface. It simply reports what has occurred while allowing the user to categorize existing transactions for meaningful reporting. Any settings the user enters for transactions and budgets are associated with the account and used for future transactions. Nothing is saved to the computer. It’s all virtual and real time. By bringing all their assets and liabilities together in one place, the user is able to plan and spend with their complete financial picture taken into account.

Once a user enters their credit score, will search for more attractive credit and associated products. When a user follows through on one of these recommendations, is paid. In fact, this is why is free. makes its money when people act on these recommendations.

Is Secure?

User and account information is protected with bank-level security. User information is not shared with any vendors. If a user decides to follow through on a product recommendation, the user goes to the site offering the product and shares any required information at that time.

Financial Info To Go

Users can also use on their iPhone!

It’s difficult if not impossible for a person to effectively budget and manage their money without the full picture in mind. With the online personal finance service, anyone can pull their balances and detail together for an accurate overall view. They can then take the next step to meaningful household budgets and effective personal money management.

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