Two Of The Best Personal Finance and Savings Blogs

personal finance blogs

Many people want to improve their budgeting and save money. One way to get inspired and stay on track with increasing your financial health and knowledge is to read and follow personal finance blogs. These blogs offer stories, tips and advice from people who turned their finances around. Tips may be on saving money, budgeting, finance, saving for retirement, insurance, or many other aspects of spending and saving.

Of course, not all people will agree with every tip given by every personal finance blogger. Different people will have different savings plans that work better for them than others. For instance, some budgeting strategies include creating a strict plan and religiously tracking all spending and saving. Other budgeting strategies include taking total income (after taxes) and dividing it up between necessary expenses, savings, and fun.

Ultimately, the goal is to pick something that you can stick with and integrate into your life. Each of the blogs below has a number of different tactics to save money, reduce debt, and become more financially savvy.

Get Rich Slowly

J.D. Roth is a blogger based out of Portland, Oregon, with several cats (but no children). His blog Get Rich Slowly focuses on eliminating debt, saving money, and investing for long and short term goals, such as college, retirement or a new house. The blog frequently reviews software, books, magazines and articles about saving. He emphasizes simplicity in financial plans, being happy and healthy with your job and in life and beginning any life changes now, slowly, rather than in the future.

Readers write in almost every day to share their own stories of turning around their finances, and the website’s community offers great advice on bank accounts (savings, checking, CDs, and others), credit cards, insurance and different retirement plans.

The Simple Dollar

The Simple Dollar is a blog written by Trent Hamm. Started in 2006, Trent writes a number of articles about saving money. He lives in rural Iowa with his wife and three children; his rural location does not decrease his ability to speak to any audience. His blog emphasizes time saving techniques, spending less, planning more, reducing and eliminating debt, and focusing on non-monetary ways to improve your life. His blog is particularly good at offering support for those just beginning to start saving money or those who are trying to get out of debt.

The reader mailbag is also great for offering stories and tips of people trying to get out of debt, pay off student loans, start saving for retirement, or starting to build a retirement fund. Like Get Rich Slowly, the blog frequently reviews different books and personal finance tools for saving and eliminating debt, among others.

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