Top Debt Management Tips

The best debt management tips you need to incur any debt. Today, not many of us have cash readily in our hands to buy a car, a house, a computer and other items that are necessary for good living and comfort. Because of this we sometimes become borrowers through finance companies, bank loans, student loans and credit cards. Then the problem of personal debt management arises.

The best management tip is in fact, to begin managing debt before you ever become a debtor. Here are some hot tips that will be of help to you.

Keep Close Track of Your Money

Know how much income you expect to earn in the nearest future, know how much you presently earn and how much you have saved or invested. Know your monthly expenses and ensure you keep something aside monthly to pay your creditors.

Have a Personal Debt Management Plan

You should do this before you ever borrow any money. The easiest way to lose all control over your money and life is to let your lender make all the decisions about your payments, monthly or otherwise. T his is true especially for credit card debts.

Always Read The Fine Print

The large print says  Nothing down, low interest or no-interest. This may look attractive but offers of such nature are filled with penalties and fees that turns ugly against you. Always read the fine print.

Save Before You Ever Borrow

This is not always possible but it will do you a lot good if done. If you build a money reserve that can cover some month’s expenses it will help regulate the pressure when you get into financial trouble.

Borrowing Is Buying Money

Until you start seeing borrowing as “buying money” you may be frequently trapped and you may be making wrong decisions in borrowing. Compare to find the best money bargain available, whether you are shopping for money through a finance company, applying for a new credit card or a bank.

Know Your Rights As A Debtor

Debtors also have rights. If you are in the US, the Federal Trade Commission is the best place to provide you with a valuable information to help you manage your debt should your debt spin out of control.

Be Creative

Modify debt management advice and tips to suit your situation and budget. Debt management tips and advice is not written in stone. Be flexible and creative.

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