Remitly Money Transfer Review


Today, we all are in need to transfer money to our family or friends who are living in foreign countries. So, we all are looking for the best way to send money in a global manner. Our search will go to end now. This is because Remitly has been widely introduced to transfer money in all over the world.

Remitly is a kind of money transfer service which is widely used by people to transfer money in a safe way. It is considered to be the best way for sending money to India from the United States. This is the best and fastest way for transferring money. If you’re looking for the affordable way to transfer money, then you should try this Remitly. It also offers great exchange rates to transfer money to various countries. Okay, let me share more information about Remitly in a detailed manner in this post.

Where can Remitly send money?

We all know that the Remitly is considered to be one of the cheapest ways for sending money to those who are living in some other countries. By using this money transfer service, we can send money safely and securely. Besides, this is also one of the fastest ways for sending money. This affordable service is used by almost all people in all over the world to send money effectively.

By means of Remitly, we can send money to various countries which include Philippines, India, Mexico, and so on. Moreover, one can send money to the Philippines from the United States. Anyone who is living in the United States can easily use the Remitly to transfer money in an affordable way.

It is true that all people who are living in various countries are seeking for the most effective way to send money instantly to different countries (Mexico, Philippines, and India).

Remitly fees (costs):

To send money from the United States to other countries which include Mexico, Philippines, and India, we are using Remitly. What about the cost for transferring money to Philippines, Mexico, and India?

The cost for sending money to various countries from the United States depends on several factors which include the following,

  • Speed
  • Delivery method

This service uses two kinds of speed. They are as follows,

One is economy speed and the other is express speed. If you’re picking the economy speed, it will use your bank account to transfer money and the transaction will be done within 3 banking days. The cost for economy speed is $0 which means it transfers your money at free of cost.

On the other hand, if you’re picking the express speed, this service will use your visa or MasterCard to send money. This speed will send your money within minutes. This speed will cost you $3.99 to transfer your money.

If you send pesos, this service will cost you $3.99. In case, you send US dollars, the Remitly will cost you based on the transaction speed and the amount you transfer.

For example,

If you send $1-$500, they will charge you $6.99 (Economy) and $9.99 (Express). Similarly, if you send $2001 – $3,000, this service will charge you $14.99 (Economy) and $17.99 (Express).

Remitly Supported currencies:

Sending money to India, Philippines with the help of Remitly is so simple and also very nice too. Almost most people are asking what kind of currencies the Remitly supports. The Remitly supports to send pesos and US dollars. If you send US dollars to your recipient, they will receive US dollars.

This is one of the great services available in this world for transferring money worldwide. This is the faster, easier, the most affordable way for sending money from one person to another in various countries. This service is currently available in two countries which include the United States and Canada.

Remitly Mobile App:

Do you like to transfer money to India? If yes, then use Remitly to transfer money to India. Remitly is a mobile app which is widely used by people to transfer money from the United States and Canada to various countries including Mexico, Philippines, and India. Remitly can transfer money to more than 50 banks in the Philippines. If you use Remitly, you can easily transfer money to your friends without facing any issues.

To help you in sending money to various countries, the Remitly mobile app has been widely introduced. By using this mobile app, the consumers can easily transfer money from two different countries which include Canada and the United States.

With Remitly, we can send over millions of dollars to customers each and every month without any issues.

This is the most effective way to send money to India, Philippines, and Mexico in an easy manner. In addition to this, it has the best exchange rate so people are also using this in a large manner to transfer money.

Remitly referral program:

Do you know Remitly referral program? Saying no, then it’s not a problem. Do you have an account in the Remitly referral program? If no, immediately join in the referral program. If you have an account in Remitly referral program, it will reward you if you refer any of your friends. There’s no limit to refer friends to use this awesome service. You can refer several friends to use this wonderful money transfer service.

You can easily refer your friend through any of the following,

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Email

Use Remitly to transfer money to India from the United States effectively.

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