Find Out The Actual Cost of Raising a Child From Infancy Until Adulthood [Infographic]

I can’t get enough of newborn babies. I know everyone doesn’t love kids, but I’m pretty excited to have kids of my own one day. But how expensive is it to have a child, and how does it compare to how much our parents and grandparents spent? Childcare and education costs have soared since 1960. A […]

The Best And Worst Financial Decisions People Make

Money management isn’t always easy. In a perfect world, we’d all have 401(k) plans and thousands of dollars in our savings accounts, but real life often gets in the way. Regardless of your financial means, what are the best – and worst – decisions you can make? Let’s find out. Getting a college education is […]

Personal Finance Software and Budgeting Online

In times past, those who wanted to use personal finance software to stay on top of their personal finances had to shell out hard earned cash for programs like Microsoft Money or Quicken. Those times are now past with the easy availability of free and powerful, web-based money management and budgeting tools. Using a free […]

Use to Manage Personal Finances is the #1 online personal software service. Brought to market by personal finance powerhouse Quicken, it is designed to pull specified content together at the touch of a button – without a lot of manual data entry each time. It combines the features of money management and budgeting software into one powerful application and […]

How to Get One’s Personal Finances in Order

Dave Ramsey is perhaps best known as the host of the popular “Dave Ramsey Show,” where he offers advice several days a week to people across America who are struggling to get out of debt. Ramsey offers his same advice in his book The Total Money Makeover. Ramsey’s no-nonsense advice coupled with down-to-earth, real-life stories […]

Best Personal Finance Websites

Banking, bills, budgets and debt are four main areas in an individual’s personal finance situation. Paper and pencil, along with a calculator and paper receipts, is the traditional method for keeping track of these financial highlights. Now the numbers show that a new tradition is taking hold via the computer and internet. This month, a […]

Two Of The Best Personal Finance and Savings Blogs

Many people want to improve their budgeting and save money. One way to get inspired and stay on track with increasing your financial health and knowledge is to read and follow personal finance blogs. These blogs offer stories, tips and advice from people who turned their finances around. Tips may be on saving money, budgeting, […]