Personal Finance for Young Adults: Money Tips for Your Twenties

Recent college graduates and young professionals are in a unique financial situation. One advantage of being young is that you can begin to set good financial habits now, and plan wisely for your future. At the same time, if you are living on your own for the first time, you may feel like you have […]

Believe In Yourself And You will Succeed

Thinking about working for yourself can bring out all sorts of anxieties that pepper questions at you. Questions like, “What if I don’t have any proper qualifications?” Do you know how many millionaires today never got a college degree? Some didn’t even finish school. Mary Kay, the powerful success behind the well-known cosmetics company didn’t […]

3 Simple Steps to Better Personal Finance

Many people struggle with money and live paycheck to paycheck. Here are 3 simple ways to improve your personal finances. Make a Budget Sit down and create a budget. To do this, simply make two columns of expenses. Column one should contain fixed expenses, those that are the same amount each month such as insurance, […]

Business Success with Managing Personal Finances

An Interview with CEO Aaron Patzer from Mint CEO Aaron Patzer of who thinks of himself as an inventor first, an engineer second and an entrepreneur third. Prior to founding Mint, he was an architect and technical lead for the San Jose division of Nascentric. Patzer also worked for IBM developing patents for […]