How To Think Like A Millionaire

The most important attitude for financial success is long-term thinking(i.e thinking like a millionaire) Successful people think long-term into the future and they keep adjusting their daily behaviors to assure they action their long-term goals. In the 50s and 60s a longitudinal study was done at Harvord University. They studied the upward socio-economic mobility. Their

How To Teach Kids About Money

Most parents are skeptical about talking to their kids about money because they feel issues of money should be discussed by matured minds and might corrupt their kids. With the current world economic situation, no one is too young to know about finances, even kids because good financial education will help them to become financially

How to Start Investing: Steps to Take

We have so much information in the world of investing today but beginners are overlooked, it is assumed they should know how to start investing as though they were born with this knowledge. Maybe you are excited about the prospects of investments, but do not know the steps to take so as to minimize risks,

How to Become Financially Independent

You can start from nothing to something and from zero to hero and become financially independent by developing the right questions.And knowing the right information.Some want to be financially independent but do not even know things like mortgage rates,consolidated loans,home equity loans etc. One must be financially literate to start with. We have seen that