Leveraging Your Financial Potential

Contact is one of the greatest leverage in achieving success. Having the right contacts can open doors for you. One thing that will determine greatly your success in life is the quality and quantity of contacts that you have. More than any other factor, this is one that you can not ignore.

Connect with the right people

One of the things you can do to grow your lift of contacts is first to write down 25 persons you think would be most useful for you to meet. Develop a workable strategy that will help you meet every one of them for the next 12 months. After you succeed in this make another list of 25 more.

Make a good plan for personal contact

The people in charge of major co-operations need to be in your lift, they are useful people you need in your circle of contacts. Ensure to network at every given opportunity. Join trade and business associations. Attend community and other meetings that will facilitate your meeting VIPs. Be involved. Volunteer for service in key committees. This actions alone can cut years of struggling to achieve success.

Get involved in your community

Be involved in community service organizations in your area. The very important personalities in every community are involved in public service in some way. You will be amazed at the quality of people that you will meet doing just voluntary service.

Develop New ideas

Creativity is one major form of leverage. Just a new idea is what you need to make a fortune. All great fortunes begins with an idea. Every one of us has the ability to come up with ideas that will turn a life around.

Be an effective worker

Good work habit is another powerful form of leverage. Good work habit makes difference, in fact an extraordinary difference. Good work habit will bring promotion in your work place. It will cause you to meet the important people that you need to meet. A reputation as the guy who gets the job done well and fast, this alone will attract and fast track your meeting the right people in your life.

Work hard to develop the best work habit. It is a tool to grow up the ladder and build your connections and contact base. Every Manager, Director, CEO etc will naturally move and flow well with a good worker.

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