How Your Small Business Can Win And Keep Customers

One major challenge of every business is how to win and keep their customers. This challenge is greater with small businesses because they are just starting out and the bigger businesses have the customers all to themselves. Small businesses face stiff competition that demands skills, smartness and excellence to measure up and even beat their competitors. In this article you will be learning 5 keys that will take you from a small business to a big business by winning and keeping customers.

Be reliable

Every one of us like reliable people, so do your customers. Become their ideal, do exactly what you told them you will do, do it exactly when you said you will do it, get it right the very first time, get it done on time. By the time you do these consistently customers will naturally begin to stroll your way.

Be credible

Credibility wins and keeps customers. A customer will patronize you repeatedly when he knows you have his best interest at heart. What customers readily pay for is peace of mind. They want to know if you will promptly handle their problems with little or no cost and hidden agenda customers want to know if there is security, assurance and integrity doing business with you. They want guaranteed and safe products, free from risk, danger, doubt and sometimes confidentiality, no hard-sell techniques. This is what customers call credibility. It will do you good to model your small business this way. Give your business an image of credibility and you will have customers willing and repeatedly doing business with you and advertising for you free of charge.

Be responsive

Your ability to be available, accessible and willing to give a helping hand to a customer when over he has a problem will not only win you more customers but will keep them coming back over and over. Customers want service when they ask for it. Be ready to give it to them on time. The watch word here is “stay ready do not get ready.”

Be attractive

Appearance may be deceptive but customers use it as a yard stick to measure your competence, quality and service delivery. Anything the customer touches, sees hears or small about your business determines the perception they will have for your business. Look at your business with the eyes of your customers. Make everything about your business appear excellent and attractive.

Be emphatic

Every customer wants to be treated special. Customers have different and unique personalities, wants and reasons for buying. As a growing business you must be able to pit yourself in each customer’s shoes. Understand his needs and meat them accordingly. The need of each customer vary so don’t treat all customers the same way. Treat each customer differently as the need arises.

Listen closely to customers, try to grasp their point of view, feel what they feel, ask them the right questions, speak their language. Do not treat customers the way you want to be treated, treat them the way they want to be treated. No matter the kind of business you are into these golden keys will work excellently for you, if you religiously stick to them and remain flexible to learn as you grow steadily.

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