How to Become Financially Independent

You can start from nothing to something and from zero to hero and become financially independent by developing the right questions.And knowing the right information.Some want to be financially independent but do not even know things like mortgage rates,consolidated loans,home equity loans etc. One must be financially literate to start with.

We have seen that more than 80% of self-made millionaires in America began with nothing or as in some cases less than nothing. I never had anything to start a fortune with was always in debt. There was always a pile of bill to pay. I never had enough money, there were loads of bill consume every penny I earned.

Be Ready For Your Opportunity

In that state of lack and debt I was in even if a greet business opportunity did come along I would not be able to maximize it. As I took up the task to study financial literacy books and self-made millionaires, I observed that almost all of them were in the some boat with me. You may be in sure a situation now, where the dream of becoming financially free and independent seems very distant and with little or no possibility of getting there. You may be in a situation where you have more bills to pay than you have money or assets.

Look At The Numbers

This statistic is scary but true. Only one out of 100 people who reach retirement age will be wealthy according to insurance industry statistics. 4 of the 100 will be financially independent, 15 will have some savings put aside. The other 80 will be solely dependent on pensions, still working or broke. But why does this happen.

Why People Retire Poor

The two main reasons why people retire poor are:

  1. They never desire to retire rich. They hope and pray and wish but they never make a firm decision that the are going to do it.
  2. Even when they decide to retire rich, they procrastinate about it until it gets too late. They also have good reasons for putting it off.

Start With Desire And Decision

There are 4 critical steps you must take if you want to bet the odds and achieve financial independent and retire wealthy.

  1. Desire: You must want it badly enough that you are ready to make unshakable commitment and sacrifices.
  2. Decision: Make the decision tight now to do whatever it takes to get to that promise land
  3. Determination: keep at it until you make a success out of it. Never giving up in spite of all obstacles and problems you face.
  4. Discipline: mastering yourself to build and develop the necessary habits for attaining financial independence.

You can measure how well you are going to be financially in the future by how well are doing in each of these D necessary for a blissful financial destiny.

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