How Long Does An Ebook Need To Be?

I belong to a few groups on Facebook and on one of them a few days ago a very interesting post was put up by someone asking How Long Does an Ebook Have To Be there were lots of comments and quite a few different ideas on the subject which in turn inspired me to write this post tonight with my take on the subject, I hope you find it useful.

As a work at home marketer, you need to understand the main reasons that people purchase eBooks. They buy them for discretion, for convenience, and because they’re readily available at a time when their problem has caused them to go online and seek out a solution.

You might be stumped by the question of how long an eBook needs to be. The answer to that question is ‘as long as it needs to be.’ An eBook should last as long as it takes to get the point across or to teach the information.

When I wrote my recent book on Keeping Chickens I had no real idea how long it was going to be when I started and no idea how many words it would contain either. I just set out to give the readers all the information they would need to start keeping chickens as pets. I assumed they knew nothing at all about keeping chickens and wrote in an easy to understand style.

The result was 156 pages, but there were quite a few photos so it wasnt all writing, and the result has seen it at No1 spot on Amazon for nearly 5 months.

When the information is delivered in full, the eBook is complete – and that may mean it turns out to be 10 pages or 100 pages. You might have seen some eBooks that are sixty or seventy pages long and yet the meat of the eBook only lasts through the first forty pages.

The remaining pages are fluff or filler pages just to pad the page count so they can up the price. Don’t do this to your customers because then they walk away feeling ripped off. Customers know the difference between quality and quantity.

That’s why you don’t want to pad pages. It’s a waste of your time and the customers’ money. In fact, many consumers have stated that they would have paid hundreds of dollars for a short report they read that was packed with value, compared to a fluff and filler eBook that contributed nothing of value to them.

The reason why some online marketers pad eBooks is that they heard somewhere that an eBook should be at least fifty pages minimum. While that is considered to be the standard, it’s not a set in stone rule. An eBook can be any length whatsoever. The most important part of any eBook is what you have on the pages, not the page count.

Don’t focus on reaching a certain page number. Focus on the writing – on saying what you have to say with clarity. Remember as you write that although you know what you’re talking about and you may have been an expert for many years in what you’re trying to teach, your readers may be beginners.

With that in mind, lay out your eBook content in a step-by-step manner that’s easy for them to grasp. If there’s information that would be nice to add, but doesn’t fit in the exact outline, then add it as a bonus product to the main PDF file.

So in short, dont get hung up about how long your ebook should be but focus more on the content of it and delivering top class information that the reader will benifit from and will give them the solution to their problem. If you can do this you will have a successful book no matter how long or short it is.

If you believe your book is to short you could always call it something else like a Guide or a Report a good friend of mine writes short books of about 4000 words on sub niches of a particular subject, he then converts them to Kindle Format and sells them on Amazon and does very well out of it.

I truly believe that everyone has a book in them its just a case of getting it out there, so why not have a go you might be the next best selling author.

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