How Can Children Make Money

I quite often get asked how children can make money so I have put together a few ideas. some may seem a bit strange but just use a bit of imagination and I’m sure you can easily adapt some of them to suit your own situation.

When the neighbours are out of town, water their plants, feed their pets, take in the mail, or water their grass.
Plant gardens or weed them.
Mow lawns or rake leaves.
Shovel snow.
Help a neighbour spread mulch.
Be a golf caddy.
Do pool maintenance.
Run errands for an elderly couple or a busy parent with a long commute.
Wrap gifts at Christmastime.
Pack boxes for people who are moving.
Clip coupons from the newspaper and organize them for your mom or the neighbor next door.
Paint mailboxes or fences.
Paint house numbers on curbs.
Set out garbage or organize someone’s recycling.
Run somebody’s garage sale (maybe your own.)
Clean pet cages or aquariums.
Muck stalls.
Clean basements or kitchens.
Clean cars or boats or patios.
Wash windows (not high ones.)
Pick up backyard dog doo.
Organize the neighbour’s garage or their closets.
Serve food at parties or arrive afterward and clean up.
Tutor younger kids in your favorite subject.
Teach an elderly person to use a computer.
Make web pages for people.
Design a newsletter or brochure for someone’s business.
Teach piano, tennis, sewing, or tap dancing.
Ref soccer games.
Be a director. Find some fun scripts (or write one yourself) and put on a play with the neighborhood kids.
Be a personal trainer for little kids.
Paint faces with face paint at fairs and carnivals.
Paint other girl’s nails.
Take “best friend” pictures for kids at school.
Make movies for people’s special events.
Make scrapbooks for people who don’t have time to do it themselves.
Do bike tune-ups.
Tie balloon hats and animals at birthday parties.
Be a counselor at a day camp or a mother’s helper.
Keep an elderly neighbour company.
Be a kid wrangler, and help out at at toddler’s birthday party.
Or organize children’s parties yourself, from invites to thank-yous.
Run a story hour at your house. Tell parents they can drop off their kids and you’ll read them stories and serve snacks.
Do the same things with crafts or games.
Provide after-school entertainment for somebody’s cats.
Walk dogs or groom them.

Hot drinks.
Cold drinks.
Paper-clip jewelry.
Bird feeders.
Yard signs (“Thanks for slowing down” is always popular)
Banners to welcome people home or celebrate birthdays.
Hand designed T-Shirts, key chains, or zipper pulls.
Pet treats,cat toys, or personalized pet food dishes.
High energy snacks made of nuts and chocolate morsels.
Sponge-print wrapping paper.
Sleeping bags for the little stuffed toys that all your friends are collecting this year.
What’s the biggest fad at your school? Think of things you can make that relate to it.
Flowers cut from a garden you plant and tend yourself.
Badges that promote school spirit.
Headbands, scrunchies, or scarves.
Oatmeal cookies or cupcakes.
Gingerbread houses at Christmas.
Christmas wreaths and ornaments.
Decorated tins full of chocolate kisses to match celebrating Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or birthdays.

So theres a few ideas to be going on with theres probably loads more if you put your creative thinking cap on.

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