What the Entrepreneur Should Get From Their Accountant

One of the biggest mistakes new business owners make is not taking full advantage of what should be one of their most trusted advisers, their accountant.  When most people think “accountant” the first thing that comes to their minds is “taxes”, then they think maybe payroll, auditing, and that funny Joe Pesci character from Lethal […]

Heres How To Avoid The Three Most Typical Affiliate Marketer Mistakes

Affiliate marketer advertising is one from the most efficient and powerful ways of earning some money online. This program gives everybody a chance to make a profit via the Internet. Since these affiliate marketer marketing programs are simple to join, implement and pays a commission on a regular basis, more an a lot more people […]

By How Much Will a Missed Payment Hurt Your Credit Scores

You just got your credit card statement and in it you find out you missed the last month’s payment. Or a debt collector calls you about a bill you didn’t realize had not been paid. Or you check your credit reports and discover a late payment is marring your otherwise perfect payment history. Definitely, as […]

What is a Trailing Stop Loss Order

There are two mistakes that most people routinely make. They let emotions play too big a role in their decision making and they fail to adequately plan for the worst case scenario before the worst case scenario actually happens. These two mistakes aren’t a big deal when you’re planning dinner, but they can be disastrous […]

How To Invest In Commodities as an Average Investor

Commodity market prices can serve as an inflation indicator. If you’re looking for an inflation hedge, you may want to look at investing in this market. One of the funnier stories on investment trading that I’ve come across is this one about the hapless commodities trader. It was that moment that Brad’s palm almost immediately […]

Extra Insurance Coverage Through Credit Cards Use Those Perks

Don’t let those credit card perks go to waste. Most credit cards offer a plethora of extra rewards and benefits that a lot of cardholders may not be taking full advantage of. And one of those things is extra insurance. Yes, credit card debt is bad. However, credit cards, when used properly, can be a […]